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Video greetings from the Ukrainian soldiers in the Zaporizhzhya area

Video greetings from the Ukrainian soldiers who are working in the Zaporizhzhya area. If you remember, a little earlier, thanks to one of the subscribers of our coordinator Daria Bogdanova, Oleksandr Sukhoi, we were able to quickly send them 3 laptops for working with drones. Once again we thank Oleksandr for his concern and support!

Already collected $502 we redistributed to another fundraiser - for charging stations for the same AFU unit. At the moment, to close the collection, we are still short of $2095. You can support this collection

In addition, the unit needed inverter generators. To reach this goal, we need to raise $2116.

Both the Zarda stations and generators, the guys have already received, but the collection is not finalized yet. You can send a donation or help spread the word

Your help saves lives!


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