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Effect of Michael Nacke's support

We cannot stress enough how important information support is for small projects like Freedom Birds For Ukraine. As a grassroots volunteer initiative, we lack resources for promotion and have no budget for such expenses. We rely entirely on your reposts, word of mouth, and mentions by more popular colleagues, influencers, or media outlets.

A good example of this is the surge in donations after we were mentioned in one of Michael Nacke's YouTube videos. Thanks to his support, we were able to raise significant amounts for several of our fundraisers. We would like to extend our gratitude to Michael and to everyone who shares our cause on their social networks and projects. You are playing a crucial role!

If you know someone who, like us, supports Ukraine in its fight against the Russian occupiers and is not afraid to stand up to Putin's regime, please share this post, our social media links, or our website with them. Remember, our strength lies in solidarity and mutual support.

Open fundraisers:

 For transit of Russian volunteers to the AFU

 For a DJI Mavic 3T drone for the 100th Mechanized Brigade

 For cars for evacuation of wounded people

Your help saves lives!


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