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About Us

and NGOs

Russian America for Democracy in Russia – an anti-war community organization of Russians in the USA who strive for democracy and freedom in Russia.

Help Ukraine HUB - a Ukrainian NGO that coordinates numerous requests for assistance to Ukraine from abroad and urgent requests for assistance. HUH consolidates the requests of Ukrainian defenders and communities that suffered from the Russian invasion and need help.
HUH also accepts and coordinates requests of people or organizations that want to help Ukraine.

Freies Russland NRW – an anti-war community organization of Russians in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany who proactively support restoration of freedom and human rights in Russia.

La Asociación de Rusos Libres
– an anti-war community organization of Russians in Spain who promote human rights and democracy and oppose the dictatorship of Vladimir Putin.

Our Activists


Victoria Abed

Ukraine, Kiev

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Igor Slabykh

Washington, DC

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Daria Bogdanova

Leuven, Belgium

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Dmitry Valuev

Washington, DC

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Nadia Valueva

Washington, DC

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Kate Gromova

Washington, DC

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Yegor Savin

Kansas City, MO

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Freies Russland NRW joined
Freedom Birds for Ukraine

Elena Kotenochkina, municipal deputy
of Krasnoselsky district of Moscow, supported Freedom Birds for Ukraine

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