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Daria Bogdanova is on the wanted list

"Russian police has put an anti-war activist Daria Bogdanova on the wanted list" - news with such headlines appeared today in the Russian media Mediazona and Meduza - LIVE.

As you may recall, in April, our colleague Daria faced legal challenges when Vitaly Borodin, a professional whistleblower opposed to Russians who dissent from Putin's dictatorship and war, filed a complaint against her with the prosecutor's office. The complaint alleges that she "made anti-Russian statements and raised money for the Ukrainian army."

This indicates one clear thing: we are on the right path. The Freedom Birds For Ukraine team stands in solidarity with Daria and expresses our unwavering support. The authorities are exerting their utmost efforts to intimidate us and hinder our work, but they will not succeed.

If you support Daria and our cause, please help our fundraising campaigns by donating or spreading the word on your social media accounts. We would like to highlight one of our recent fundraisers: a DJI Mavic 3T drone equipped with a thermal imager for the 110th Mechanized Brigade of the AFU, aiming to raise $4,800:

For those preferring privacy, there is an option to donate anonymously by checking the "Don’t share my name publicly" box.

Your help saves lives!


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