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Support Ukraine.
Save Lives.


100% volunteer

(no admin cost)


All donations

go to Ukraine




A global community of pro-democracy and antiwar Russians organizes a fundraising campaign to support Ukraine's heroic resistance to the Russian aggression

The campaign's purpose is to collect donations to purchase consumer drones and other items such as thermal underwear, generators, etc. for Ukraine.

Coordination and logistics of shipments are conducted by a team of Ukraine- and US-based volunteers.

We don’t spend your money on administrative costs as we are fully volunteer-driven organizations. We regularly report the fundraising and delivery status. This way you can be sure that your donation is spent on the stated purposes.

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Civilian consumer drones, thermal visions and other gear

for Ukrainian defenders.
100% of funds received for drones will be spent on purchasing and distributing items according to requests 
from Ukrainian heroes.


Humanitarian Needs

Clothing, generators, power banks

and other humanitarian items for civilians.
100% of humanitarian funds will be spent on purchasing items

according to requests from the affected regions.

Goal: $8,000


Special Request

Drone, thermal vision and radio

for Ukrainian defenders in Avdiivka

Copy of Untitled Design.png

Goal: $1,500


Special Request

Candies and board games

for Ukrainian children in Berisav

Untitled design.png

Our Results


Amount Collected $40,897
Drones Delivered - 22
Thermal Visions delivered - 2

Humanitarian Help

Amount Collected $6,656
Value Delivered $2,941


Download Our Flyer

We prepared a flyer to allow
our friends to spread information about Freedom Birds for Ukraine. You may download the flyers to put them anywhere where people can see them.

Where Your Help Is Saving Lives

5 drones - Kharkiv region

11 drones - Donetsk region

3 drones - Kherson region

2 drones - Zaporizhzhia

1 drone  - Dnipro

2 thermal monoculars - Donetsk region

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