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Support Ukraine.
Save Lives.


100% volunteer

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All donations

go to Ukraine




A global community of pro-democracy and antiwar Russians organizes a fundraising campaign to support Ukraine's heroic resistance to the Russian aggression

The campaign's purpose is to collect donations to purchase consumer drones and other items such as thermal underwear, generators, etc. for Ukraine.

Coordination and logistics of shipments are conducted by a team of Ukraine- and US-based volunteers.

We don’t spend your money on administrative costs as we are fully volunteer-driven organizations. We regularly report the fundraising and delivery status. This way you can be sure that your donation is spent on the stated purposes.

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Civilian consumer drones, thermal visions and other gear

for Ukrainian defenders.
100% of funds received for drones will be spent on purchasing and distributing items according to requests 
from Ukrainian heroes.

humanitarian aid

Humanitarian Needs

Clothing, generators, power banks

and other humanitarian items for civilians.
100% of humanitarian funds will be

spent on purchasing items

according to requests from the affected regions.

Goal: $5,000

Collected: $1,671

special fundraiser

Special Request

Help with transit of new volunteers of the Siberian Battalion of the AFU

Siberian Battallion

Goal: $9,600

Collected: $7,119

special fundraiser

Special Request

Various drones for Ukrainian defenders (FPV, Mavic 3)


Goal: $6,500

Collected: $5,651

special fundraiser

Special Request

Replacement vehicle for volunteers

in the Kherson region


Goal: $2,100

Collected: $499

special fundraiser

Special Request

2 x EcoFlow Delta 2 Max for Ukrainian defenders in Zaporizhzhia


Goal: $2,400

Collected: $1,014

special fundraiser

Special Request

3 x inverter generators for Ukrainian defenders in Zaporizhzhia

inverter generator

Goal: $4,800

Collected: $287

special fundraiser

Special Request

Drone Mavic 3T for 110th mechanized brigade

DJI Mavic 3T

Goal: $6,800

Collected: $1,003

special fundraiser

Special Request

Evacuation vehicle for 81st Airborne Brigade




DJI Mavic drone
DJI Mavic drone

Special Request

2 Mavic 3T drones for reconnaissance minesweepers of Azov 



pvs-14 night vision

Special Request

PVS-14 night vision monocular for

a bomb-defusing squad in Svatove

Our Results


Amount Collected $138,271
Drones Delivered - 43
Thermal Imaging / Night Vision delivered - 7

Humanitarian Help

Amount Collected $16,343
Value Delivered $12,178
  • I am already helping Ukrainian refugees. Why should I also donate for drones?
    Any help to Ukraine is extremely important. We also collect funds for humanitarian needs aimed at minimizing the consequences of the war. However, only Ukraine's victory can stop the deaths, destruction, and suffering of the Ukrainian people. To expedite this victory, Ukrainian defenders need support. This is why we raise funds for both humanitarian needs and drones.
  • Is it risky for Russians to donate towards drones?
    We do not disclose donor information without consent. If you donate to a specific fundraiser, you can select the "Don't share my name publicly" checkbox. Russians within the country cannot donate directly to us since PayPal is blocked in Russia, and Russian bank cards are not accepted by Western payment systems.
  • How do Ukrainian defenders utilize drones?
    Drones are primarily used for reconnaissance, allowing soldiers to better observe enemy movements and prepare accordingly, or to guide artillery. They also help maintain communication between units when other means are unavailable and can deliver small packages of medicine to the wounded. Additionally, drones assist in evacuating defenders and civilians from encircled areas or under fire. They are also used to facilitate the safe surrender of Russian soldiers. According to an official instruction from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Russian soldiers can request to surrender by contacting a hotline and then proceed to a mutually agreed location where a drone will guide them to safety.
  • If I donate money for drones, and they are used by Ukrainians against Russian troops, does that mean I am acting against my fellow citizens?
    We disagree with this logic: by the same reasoning, Germans should not have fought against fascism during World War II. Similarly, police in any country should not arrest and imprison criminals simply because they are fellow citizens. Unfortunately, today, the Russian troops illegally occupying Ukrainian territory and committing war crimes are the fascist invaders and criminals. Therefore, helping Ukraine and resisting the invaders is not a matter of citizenship, but a question of whether you stand on the side of good or evil.
  • Why doesn't FBU focus solely on fundraising for humanitarian aid, which is so important?
    Any form of assistance is crucial, and we fully recognize the significance of humanitarian aid (it remains a key part of our fundraising efforts). However, it's important to consider the long-term implications if the conflict persists: the destruction of infrastructure and loss of life inflicted by the Putin regime on Ukrainian soil will continue unabated, with humanitarian aid addressing only the aftermath. We believe it's essential to also address the root of the problem, not just its consequences. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are confronting the root causes at great cost, and our objective is to support their efforts.
  • Some say that supporting drone fundraisers ultimately contributes to the escalation of violence worldwide, which we should strive to minimize.
    While humanistic ideals are noble, they fall short in addressing the aggression of the Putin regime in Ukraine. Confronting the irrational aggressor is necessary to halt their actions, and we witness global solidarity aimed at aiding Ukraine's survival and victory. As anti-war Russians involved in the Freedom Birds for Ukraine project, we align ourselves with resistance against the Putin regime's tyranny, oppression, and evil. Consider this perspective: police also employ justified force to apprehend criminals, thereby reducing overall violence in cities and countries.
  • I am donating directly to Ukrainian NGOs. Why should I support this initiative?
    Our goal is to unite Russians who wish to support Ukraine and make a meaningful impact while strengthening our community. When Russians donate directly to Ukrainian funds, their contributions often go unnoticed, leaving us fragmented and demoralized. The FBU project enables us to demonstrate the collective support of Russians for Ukraine and showcases our potential when we work together.
  • What percentage of the donation will be allocated to administrative expenses of the NGO?
    We do not allocate any funds towards administrative or operational expenses. Our organization operates on a volunteer basis; none of our members receive salaries, we do not rent office space, and we do not use donated funds for travel expenses. Every cent we receive from you is dedicated entirely to purchasing drones or humanitarian goods and ensuring their delivery.

Download Our Flyer

We prepared a flyer to allow
our friends to spread information about Freedom Birds for Ukraine. You may download the flyers to put them anywhere where people can see them.

Where Your Help Is Saving Lives

6 drones - Kharkiv region

14 drones - Donetsk region

18 drones - Kherson region

1 drone - Mykolaiv region

3 drones - Zaporizhzhia

1 drone  - Dnipro

2 thermal monoculars - Donetsk region

2 thermal monoculars - Mykolaiv region

3 night vision - Luhansk region

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