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The foreign aid bills are signed but we still have a lot to do

You've probably already heard the good news from the United States: after months of waiting, a package of additional aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan has finally been approved by both houses of Congress. According to the bill, which has already been signed by the president, nearly $61 billion dollars will be allocated for aid to Ukraine. Like you, we are incredibly excited and can only applaud this decision.

However, even such a large sum will not cover all the needs of the Ukrainian defenders, so we cannot relax. There is still a lot of work ahead to support grassroots initiatives. For example, the soldiers of one of the AFU units in Zaporizhzhya, for whom we are helping to restore equipment lost as a result of shelling. The case was urgent, so we delivered some of the most necessary equipment (two inverter generators and two EcoFlow charging stations) to the guys in March.

Now we were able to buy one more generator, which was in the original order, as well as an additional EcoFlow, as two were not enough for the needs of the unit. Collections for both are still open, so we encourage you to support them with a donation. Any amount makes a difference:

 For two EcoFlow charging stations 

Your help saves lives!


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