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What we are doing

Our fundraising has 2 goals. The first one is to support the armed forces of Ukraine, to purchase and deliver consumer drones, and other devices to army units that needs them. The second is humanitarian aid for civilians: warm clothes, generators, and charging stations are especially important now, when the winter has come, and the shelling of infrastructure facilities in Ukraine does not stop, and there are interruptions in water and electricity supply.

Coordination and logistics are carried out by our team of volunteers from Ukraine and the USA. 100% of the collected funds go to purchase and shipment. We do not spend your money on administrative expenses, as our organization is completely volunteer.

We are sure that every Russian should help Ukraine fight the evil that the Putin’s regime is doing. What can you do now? Make a monthly donation on our website or help our targeted campaigns that we regularly organize together with our partners. Donors in Russia should remember about their security.

Your help saves lives!


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