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Fundraisers to support Freedom Birds For Ukraine

In February, our friends and colleagues from the US and Germany organized their own fundraisers to support Freedom Birds For Ukraine on the occasion of their birthdays. We are happy to share the results with you!

Alex Zaporozhtsev, head of the For Freedom in Russia community, raised $734. According to Alex's wish, we will use this amount to buy equipment for the Siberian Battalion. You can also join our collection for them:

The second collection was organized by Yuri Nikitin, head of Freies Russland NRW. Yuri's friends and subscribers donated a total of $390.5, and their donations went to several of our fundraisers.

We congratulate Alex and Yura on their birthdays and thank them for the collections! Our results are made up, among other things, of such individual streams of support, which help to bring Ukraine's victory closer. You can support us too by contributing to one of our current fundraisers:

 For drones for special operations forces in the Kherson region: 

 For two EcoFlow charging stations for the AFU soldiers in Zaporizhzhya direction:

 For three inverter generators for fighters in Verbove and Robotyne: 

 For laptops for the AFU fighters on the Zaporizhzhya direction: 

 Buying a new car for volunteers in the Kherson region:

Your help saves lives!


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