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Urgent request to purchase Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced with a thermal imager

While people worldwide celebrate the New Year, Ukrainian soldiers continue to defend Bakhmut.

Through the New Freedom of Russia activists from Miami, we were approached by soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine asking for urgent help with purchasing a drone. They do not need a regular drone, but the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced ( a special drone with a thermal imager.

The price of such a drone is 192,000 Ukrainian hryvnias (equivalent to 5,500 US dollars). This drone is available in Ukraine; we can buy it quickly and deliver it to the fighters. The soldiers have already collected almost half the amount; it remains to collect 3,100 dollars so that the drone goes to save lives.

We announce a special fundraiser ( for this drone and ask you to help the heroes of Bakhmut.

Your help saves lives!


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