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Our special fundraising campaigns.

Russia’s new conscription law is a mechanism to automate the carnage taking place in Ukraine, where Putin is determined to kill both Ukrainians and Russian citizens. This regime has to be stopped collectively, supporting those who are fighting Putin in the war fields.

Right now, those fighters who need our help are the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU). Supporting the AFU is the most effective way of defending Ukraine and fighting against Putin. Therefore, we call everybody to help Ukrainian fighters.

We would like to remind you that our special fundraising campaigns are still open: - antidron «KVS ANTIDRON G-6» for Ukrainian fighters in Mykolaiv and Kherson Oblast (southern Ukraine). - fundraising for a military unit defending tactical aviation airports in southern Ukraine.

You can also subscribe for monthly donations or make a one-time donation for drones for the AFU here: In this case, drones purchased with your donations will be sent to specific AFU units based on requests that we receive through our partners in Ukraine: Help Ukraine Hub.

Every contribution matters. Your help saves lives!

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