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Russian volunteers in the Ukrainian Army

At the end of January 2023, with the help from the Solidarity Collectives (, we got to know five Russians fighting in the Ukrainian Army (AFU). These are 2 groups of 3 and 2 fighters who serve in different units. Our compatriots told us that they joined the AFU as volunteers as they could not remain passive observers and decided to resist Putin's aggression. Their volunteer status means that they do not receive any salary, which means they do not have the means to purchase necessary personal items. Sometimes, their items are lost in a battle, as happened with the backpack of one of the fighters - it burned in an armored personnel carrier during a special mission. We decided to help the guys and, through the volunteers of the Solidarity Collectives, we purchased the following items for the fighters:

Jacket Ecwsc (7 layers) Jacket USA ECW Gen 3 (7 layers) Boots Lowa tibet Boots Lowa tibet GTX

Sleeping bag CARINTHIA TROPEN L Mechanics SUB40 Winter work gloves Thermal underwear Fahrenheit power dry active Gas tank Trump Portable gas burner Pinguin Hiker T-shirt M-TAC Athletic Tactical Gen 2 Black T-shirt M-TAC Athletic Tactical Gen 2 Olive Bagpack Accumulator Nitecore NL166 (650 mAh) protected

We plan to support Russian fighters in the Ukrainian Army. The guys regularly need help - and we count on your donations.

Your help saves lives!


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