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Поддержи Украину.
Внеси свой вклад.
Спаси жизни.


Волонтерская организация

(нет админ. затрат)


Все пожертвования идут в Украину


НКО с 501(c)(3)


Глобальное сообщество про-демократических и антивоенных россиян организует сбор средств для поддержки героического сопротивления Украины российской агрессии

Цель кампании - сбор средств на приобретение пользовательских дронов для украинских защитников и гуманитарных предметов для гражданских лиц (термобелье, генераторы и др.)

Координацией и логистикой занимается команда волонтеров, находящихся в Украине и США.

У нас нет административных расходов, так как мы все – волонтеры. Мы регулярно отчитываемся по сборам и доставкам. Таким образом, вы можете быть уверены что ваше пожертвование потрачено на заявленные цели.

Сделать взнос



Гражданские дроны, тепловизоры и обмундирование

для украинских защитников.
100% собранных на дроны средств направляются на покупку и доставку дронов в соответствии с запросами с передовой.

humanitarian aid

Гуманитарные нужды

Одежда, генераторы, пауэрбенки и другие предметы

для гражданских лиц. 
100% средств на гуманитарные цели направляются на закупку предметов в соответствии с запросами из пострадавших регионов. 

Цель: $5,000

Собрано: $1,671

special fundraiser


На транзит новых добровольцев в Сибирский Батальон ВСУ

Siberian Battallion

Цель: $9,600

Собрано: $7,119

special fundraiser


Дроны FPV и Mavic 3 для защитников Украины


Цель: $6,500

Собрано: $5,651

special fundraiser


Автомобиль для волонтеров в Херсонской обл. взамен поврежденного


Цель: $2,100

Собрано: $499

special fundraiser


2 x EcoFlow Delta 2 Max для украинских защитников в Запорожье


Цель: $2,400

Собрано: $1,014

special fundraiser


3 инверторных генератора для украинских защитников в Запорожье

inverter generator

Цель: $4,800

Собрано: $287

special fundraiser


DJI Mavic 3T для 110-й механизированной бригады

DJI Mavic 3T

Цель: $6,800

Собрано: $1,003

special fundraiser


Эвакувционный автомобиль для 81-й аэромобильной бригады




DJI Mavic drone
DJI Mavic drone


2 дрона Mavic 3T для разведчиков-саперов из батальона Азов



pvs-14 night vision


Прибор ночного видения

для саперов под Сватово

Наши результаты


Получено $138,271
Доставлено дронов - 43
Доставлено тепловизоров - 7

Гуманитарная помощь

Получено $16,343
Доставлено $12,178
  • I am already helping Ukrainian refugees, why do I need to donate for drones?
    Any help to Ukraine is extremely important. We also collect funds for humanitarian needs that are aimed at minimizing the consequences of the war. But only the victory of Ukraine can stop deaths, destructions and suffering of the Ukrainian people, and in order for victory to come faster, Ukrainian defenders need help. That's why we raise funds for both humanitarian needs and drones.
  • Is it dangerous for Russians to donate to drones?
    We do not disclose the data of those who donated to us without their consent. And if you're donating to a special fundraiser, you can check the "Don't share my name publicly" checkbox. In-country Russians do not have an opportunity to donate directly to us since PayPal is blocked in Russia, and Russian bank cards are not accepted by Western payment systems.
  • How do Ukrainian defenders use drones?
    Drones are primarily used for reconnaissance, so that soldiers can better see enemy movements and know what to prepare for, or to guide artillery. They also help maintain communication between units when no other means is available, and can deliver small packages of medicine to the wounded. With their help, defenders and civilians could be taken out of the encirclement or from under line of fire. Also, drones are used to help Russian soldiers to surrender safely. Ukrainian Ministry of Defense issued an official instruction: Russian soldiers could send a surrender request by contacting the hotline, then go to a mutually agreed location where a drone would lead him to safety.
  • If I donate money for drones, and they're used by Ukrainians against Russian troops, will it make me acting against my fellow citizens?
    We do not agree with this logic: based on it, the Germans should not have fought fascism during World War II. Also, according to this logic, the police in any country should not catch and imprison criminals - they are fellow citizens. To our great regret, today such fascist invaders and criminals are Russian troops who are illegally on the territory of Ukraine and commit war crimes. Therefore, helping Ukraine and fighting the invaders is not a matter of citizenship, but a question of whether you are on the side of good or evil.
  • Why don't you fundraise just for humanitarian help which is so important?
    Any help is important, and we do not in any way minimize the importance of humanitarian help (it's a part of our fundraising too). But let's think about what will happen if the war lasts a long time: the destruction of infrastructure and death brought by the Putin regime to Ukrainian soil will continue, but we would help eliminate consequences only. We think that we also need to fight the cause of the problem, and not just the consequences. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are fighting the cause by paying a very high price, and our goal is to help them.
  • Supporting drone fundraisers only increases the amount of violence in the world - we should not increase violence.
    This is a humanistic ideal, but in the case of the aggression of the Putin regime in Ukraine, these general words do not work. The insane aggressor needs to be resisted in order to stop him, and we see how the whole world has rallied to help Ukraine survive and win. We, the anti-war Russians of the Freedom Birds for Ukraine project, are part of the resistance to evil, dictatorship, repression of the Putin regime. Look at it from another angle - the police also use violence when justified in order to stop a criminal and, as a result, reduce the amount of violence in a city or country.
  • I am donating directly to Ukrainian NGOs. Why should I support your foundation?
    Our idea is to unite the efforts of Russians who want to help Ukraine to achieve a tangible result and become stronger as a community. When Russians donate directly to Ukrainian funds, it goes unnoticed, and we remain fragmented and demoralized. The FBU project allows us to show how many Russians support Ukraine and how much we can do together.
  • How much of the donation will go towards administrative expenses of the NGO?
    None, we do not take money for administrative and operational expenses. We are a volunteer organization, none of us receive a salary, we do not rent an office, and we do not use the collected funds for travel. We spend 100% of the funds we receive from you on the purchase of drones or humanitarian goods and their delivery.

Скачать флаер

Мы подготовили листовку с описанием проекта Freedom Birds for Ukraine. Помогите проекту - скачайте листовку, распечатайте ее и положите там, где люди могут ее увидеть. 

Где ваша помощь спасает жизни

6 дронов - Харьковская область

14 дронов - Донецкая область

18 дрона - Херсонская область

1 дрон - Николаевская область

3 дрона - Запорожская область

1 дрон - Днепр

2 тепловизора - Донецкая область

2 тепловизора - Николаевская область

3 прибора ночного видения - Луганская область

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