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We have raised over $250,000 since the project's inception

We regularly update our fundraising statistics and are excited to inform you that since the project's inception, we have raised over $250,000! This quarter of a million dollars is dedicated to helping Ukraine. With these funds, we have purchased and delivered generators and charging stations, vehicles for volunteers and doctors, gifts for children, medical supplies, thermal imagers, uniforms, and the highly sought-after custom drones.

While this amount may seem modest compared to large fundraising organizations, it is a significant achievement for us as an independent grassroots project. We have no administrative or operational costs; every dollar collected goes directly to Ukraine. Our media visibility is low—many media outlets are reluctant to cover assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Russian volunteers. Your donations and informational support have enabled us to implement many critical initiatives, helping Ukrainian defenders save lives, win battles, and assist civilians in times of tragedy.

The war is not over, and we have many tasks ahead, so we continue our work. We thank everyone who supports us on this journey. We hope for your continued help—together, we can achieve even more!

Links to current fundraisers:

 For transit of Russian volunteers to the AFU

 For a DJI Mavic 3T drone for the 100th Mechanized Brigade

 For cars for evacuation of wounded people

Your help saves lives!


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