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We are launching a new special fundraising from our team

Together with New York activists from the For Freedom in Russia community, we decided to help the tactical airfield security unit in southern Ukraine, where their friend is fighting. We have received a list of required items to ship as soon as possible - totaling $7,000:

  • drone, $2,200

  • thermal imaging monocular, $2,000

  • walkie-talkies with charging platform (30 pieces), $1,500

  • tactical gloves (20 pairs), $800

  • 2 helmets with tactical headphones, $500

On the anniversary of the full-scale invasion of the Russian army into Ukraine, New York activists will hold a rally supporting Ukrainian defenders, where they will raise funds for this

unit. Let's help them with this, collect the necessary equipment, and send it to the fighters.

It is in our power to help those who fight for peace and freedom in Ukraine. Please support our action: participate in the collection, tell your friends about it, and share this post on your page. Any contribution counts!

Your help saves lives!


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