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Ukrainian family safely evacuated from Russian occupation

Finally, we can announce good news about the family of an AFU soldier whose daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren evacuated from the occupied area, and for whom we have recently raised funds ( After several unsuccessful attempts to leave, they succeeded, and are now safe. We will not disclose the details of the evacuation, but the process was not easy, and we were very worried about the family.

Before the evacuation, the family lived in the Kherson region under Russian occupation where they were subjected to violence by the occupation forces several times. Shortly before leaving, Russian soldiers beat up both adults, breaking the son-in-law's collarbone for not feeding the soldiers.

Finally, after days on the road and waiting, the refugees reached a safe place in Ukraine. Adults and children are in a state of shock, they will need time to recover, but they have already sent us a video thanking everyone who helped. Thanks to your generous donations, we raised more money than we had planned; we immediately sent the first part to the family to pay for logistics, and we will transfer the rest of the amount to help them to get settled, since the family evacuated very quickly and almost without any personal belongings.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Your help saved lives!


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