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Two years anniversary of unprovoked Russian invasion to Ukraine

It is terrifying to realize that 2 years have already passed since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops. 2 years of murder, torture, violence, suffering and destruction. And 2 years of heroism, bravery, courage and selflessness of the Ukrainian people defending their land from Putin's dictatorship spreading beyond Russia.

We must remember all the fallen in the fight against evil. We must do everything in our power to help Ukraine win. We must do everything we can to make sure this never happens again.

Freedom Birds for Ukraine encourages everyone to participate in our ongoing fundraisers:

 For drones for special operations forces in the Kherson region.

The goal of the collection is $7500. We will use it to purchase six FPV drones and one DJI Mavic 3T with thermal imager.

 For two EcoFlow charging stations for the AFU soldiers in Zaporizhzhya direction.

The collection goal is 3400 dollars.

 For three inverter generators for fighters in Verbove and Robotyne.

The unit, which we have already helped, came under fire, and therefore is starting to rebuild from scratch.

The collection goal is $2,400.

 For laptops for the AFU fighters on the Zaporizhzhya direction.

The same unit from the previous collection needs three laptops to display information from drones.

The goal is 1560 dollars. The purchase will be carried out in Ukraine as the money is collected in order to get the equipment to the front as quickly as possible.

 Buying a new car for volunteers in the Kherson region:

 Equipment for the Siberian battalion of the AFU:

For anonymous donation, select the checkbox "Don’t share my name publicly".

Your help saves lives!


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