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Three new urgent collections

We are launching three new urgent collections at once and hope for your help, as people's lives depend on each of the collections.

The purpose of the special collection for $6,500 is to buy a car for the volunteers of the Mykolaiv Charitable Association "Peace through Revival". Volunteers deliver humanitarian aid in Kherson region, but recently their car came under fire. The driver was wounded in the leg, and the car itself was in disrepair (you can see the shot car on the photo).

The goal of the collection for $4,000 is to buy a radio, a thermal imager and a satellite phone for the fighters of the International Legion of the AFU (on the photo).

The goal of the collection for $6,500 is to purchase a DJI Mavic 3T drone with a thermal imager for aerial reconnaissance of the Special Operations Forces in the Kherson area. The drone will be used to coordinate the evacuation of the wounded fighters on the battlefield. Your help in this gathering will literally save lives!

Every donation makes a difference. U.S. taxpayers who donate are eligible for tax deductions. Rest assured, the entire amount raised will be used for the stated purpose with no administrative or transaction fees.

Your help saves lives!


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