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The special fundraiser for the Siberian Battalion has been successfully closed

We are pleased to announce that the special fundraiser for the Siberian Battalion, launched 2 days ago in collaboration with activists from the Russian Action Network for Democratic Organizing and Mentoring in Seattle, has been successfully closed! We thank everyone who participated in the fundraising effort. As always, donations from American donors are tax-deductible, and all funds go towards the stated purposes without any administrative deductions.

Thanks to your active participation, we managed to raise a bit more than expected. At the request of the Civic Council, which is responsible for preparing and equipping Russians defending Ukraine within the Armed Forces, we will purchase an additional 2 pairs of boots. Comfortable footwear for a fighter is an essential component of their gear, so once again, we heartily thank you for your swift support. You're all doing an amazing job!

Today, the funds have been sent and the boots have been ordered. We will soon publish a report from the soldiers about receiving them.

Your assistance saves lives!


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