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The medical supplies have been successfully delivered to the front line

The medical supplies we purchased thanks to your donations have been successfully delivered to the front line. Warming rescue blankets, blood stopping systems, bandages and deep wound applicators will help Ukrainian paramedics from the east and south to provide first aid to severely wounded soldiers.

A huge thank you to everyone who supports us with donations and to Michael Naki for mentioning our organization in his videos, which makes more donations like this possible.

Current collections in which you can take part:

 Transit a new group of volunteers to Ukraine:

 Purchase of a new car for volunteers in the Kherson region: 

 Equipment for the Siberian battalion of the AFU:

 2 DJI Mavic 3T drones for the deminers of the Azov Brigade (the amount raised will be doubled by an anonymous donor, so less than $1000 is missing here):

Your help saves lives!

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