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The Civic Council called Freedom Birds for Ukraine its partner in the US

The Civic Council, which is involved in forming military units of Russians fighting on the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, has announced the start of the formation of support community.

Freedom Birds for Ukraine has become a partner of the Council in the United States. We are grateful to our colleagues for their trust and would like to remind you that we are currently conducting a special fundraiser for uniforms for the Siberian Battalion of the UAF

We also have other ongoing fundraisers:

1. Purchase of a DJI Mavic 3T drone with a thermal imager for aerial reconnaissance in support of the Special Operations Forces of the UAF in the Kherson region:

2. Purchase of a vehicle for the volunteers of the Nikolaev Charitable Association "World through Spiritual Revival" for delivering humanitarian aid in the Kherson region:

3. Purchase of a radio station, thermal imager, and satellite phone for the fighters of the International Legion of the UAF:

Your help saves lives!


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