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Special fundraiser for a drone with a thermal camera closed

A week ago, in coordination with Miami-based activist Marianna Watermann, we opened a special fundraiser for $6,000 for a drone with a thermal camera for an aerial reconnaissance unit in the Kharkiv region. In just 5 days, the necessary amount was raised - largely thanks to the generous donation of lawyer Alex Tovaryan from Sacramento, California, who closed more than 80% of the required amount! This is not the first time Alex has been actively involved in emergency requests - in March of this year he helped to urgently purchase a drone with a thermal camera for another aerial reconnaissance unit.

We express our gratitude to Alex and Marianna for their tremendous efforts to raise funds for this drone, which is so necessary for the defenders of Ukraine, and to everyone who participated in the fundraiser - we received 26 donations in total! We are currently in the process of purchasing equipment and will share updates about this in the coming days.


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