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Russian journalist Michael Nacke supported Freedom Birds for Ukraine again

Thanks to Michael Nacke (Майкл Наки) for mentioning us again in your video. Last time, because of the support of Michael and his audience, we were able to make significant progress on several fundraisers, urgent purchases of medical supplies for several units, equipment for the International Legion, a thermal imaging drone to coordinate the evacuation of the wounded, and much more.

We now have several new collections that you can support as well. Here is a list of all the current fundraisers, from which you can choose any to your liking:

 For transit of Russian volunteers to the AFU

 For drones for the AFU in the Kherson region

 For a DJI Mavic 3T drone for the 100th Mechanized Brigade

 For cars for evacuation of wounded people

 For cars for volunteers in Kherson region

Thank you very much for joining us in never tiring of repeating simple truths: we need to help Ukraine fight Putin's aggression. Ukraine is at war with Russia not because it wants to fight. Ukraine is fighting because there is a question of its annihilation. And our task is to support Ukraine in this with all our might.

Your help saves lives!

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