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Recently, we launched a new version of our website which has a section with our financial reports. In the income section, we specify date/time and amount of donations received, so that everyone can see that their contribution has been accounted for. In the expenditure section, we indicate how the money has been spent. We publish procurement documents along with project updates.

So far, we have collected over $68,500 (plus received 10 drones as gifts for approximate amount of $13,100) and spent over $48,500 ($40,100 on drones and other equipment, $8,400 on humanitarian purposes). Currently, we are in the midst of several major fundraisers and procurements, which we will also report on in due course.

Throughout the project's existence, we have received 816 donations with an average amount $84. It's worth noting that half of the donations are payments of up to $30, so every contribution matters.

We would like to note that none of the collected funds are used for administrative expenses (salaries, office rent, office parties, etc.), as the project is entirely voluntary.

Your help saves lives!


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