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Prigozhin's coup

What has been happening in Russia over the past couple of days, when the regime got scared and didn't know what to do? It was a demo version of victory over the regime. Do you want the full version? Support the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

Even an unfinished military coup has shown that Putin's Russia, like the USSR in 1991, is a colossus with feet of clay that can crumble under the weight of challenges. Achieving victory for Ukraine will be a serious crack in the clay feet of Putin's dictatorship. But Ukraine's victory will not happen on its own, simply because we desire it or because we talk about it online or offline. Victory will come at the cost of thousands and thousands of ukrainian soldiers' lives, which is why we, as Russians, need to actively help Ukraine to save their lives and win.

The Freedom Birds for Ukraine project provides an opportunity for everyone to participate. By becoming part of the project, you can help the Armed Forces of Ukraine by donating money to the general fund or supporting one of our special fundraisers:

For the defenders of Avdiivka: For the National Guard on the Zaporizhia front : For 10 drones for aerial reconnaissance:

Your help saves lives!


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