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Our project celebrates its one-year anniversary

Today, our project is celebrating its one-year anniversary, and we would like to sum up the past year.

The project Freedom Birds for Ukraine was created to provide assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and humanitarian aid to the civilian population of Ukraine from anti-war Russians. From the very beginning, the initiative became a global project of Russians united by the desire to support the heroic resistance of Ukrainians against Putin's dictatorship. The project received support from organizations of anti-war Russians in Germany (Freies Russland NRW and in Spain (La Asociación de Rusos Libres

The idea for the project was conceived in the spring of 2022 when a group of Russian activists privately raised $7,800 for user drones for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In the year since the official launch of the project on October 18, 2022, the total amount raised has grown to $155,615. Out of this sum, $123,416 was spent on the purchase of drones and other equipment, as well as uniforms and ammunition for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and $12,194 was allocated for humanitarian needs for civilians. Assistance totaling $20,005 is currently in the procurement stage.

We have delivered to the front lines 43 drones with values ranging from $600 to $10,000 for each, 4 thermal imagers, 3 night vision devices, as well as uniforms and ammunition worth $5,782.

Over the past year, we have received 1,600 donations from more than 30 countries. The average donation size was around $100. The project is coordinated by volunteers, with no administrative expenses, so 100% of the funds raised go towards helping Ukraine.

We want to express our immense gratitude to all those who participate in our fundraising efforts. We are proud of our compatriots and thank our allies for their trust. We also want to thank our Ukrainian partners: the volunteer organization Help Ukraine Hub ( and the Nikolaev Charitable Association "World through Spiritual Renaissance."

Russians should not remain on the sidelines in supporting Ukraine in this terrible war. Help bring victory to Ukraine and defeat dictatorship!

❗️We are currently raising funds for uniforms for new Russians recruits serving in the Siberian Battalion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We ask for your support for our compatriots who risk their lives to stop putinism:

Your assistance saves lives!


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