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One of the biggest fundraisers successfully closed

You helped us close one of the biggest fundraisers in our history: $12,000 for an anti-drone gun. However, events on the frontlines have made some adjustments, and while we were in the process of acquiring the expensive anti-drone gun, the soldiers requested to purchase an expensive drone instead: DJI MATRICE 30T. We decided that the soldiers know best what they need, so we bought the drone. This drone has become the most expensive in the history of Freedom Birds for Ukraine. The remaining funds from the gun fundraiser were directed towards a special fundraiser for 10 drones, as they will go to the same unit.

Major General Dmitry Alexandrovich Marchenko, a representative of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, expressed his gratitude to everyone who helped and provided a brief explanation of why a drone instead of a anti-drone gun was chosen. You can learn more about Major General Marchenko here:

Thank you to everyone who participated in the fundraiser! Your support saves lives!

Your help saves lives!


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