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Night vision device for the soldiers of the Svoboda battalion

A few months ago, we purchased and handed over a night vision device at the request of Ukrainian defenders in a critical sector. We did not need to organize a special fundraising campaign, as an anonymous donor covered the cost, enabling us to quickly acquire and deliver the device to the front line. Night vision devices are essential on the battlefield, allowing fighters to conduct reconnaissance and operations effectively in low-light conditions. This significantly enhances their safety and combat effectiveness, enabling them to detect threats and coordinate actions even in the dark.

Our heroic defenders, under challenging conditions, were unable to promptly record video confirmation of the delivery. Over time, they changed positions, and the night vision device we acquired was passed on to the soldiers of the Svoboda battalion. We recently received video confirmation from them. We are immensely grateful to our anonymous guardian angel, whose generosity has provided night vision capabilities to defenders in two units.

Thank you all for your continued support and participation in our training camps. Together, we are making a significant contribution to the defense of Ukraine!

Open fundraisers:

 For a DJI Mavic 3T drone for the 100th Mechanized Brigade

Your help saves lives!


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