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News from the 110 Mechanized Brigade

At the request of fighters from the 110 Mechanized Brigade, we donated the balance of the collection ($3,114.92) to cover the overhead costs of repairing and operating the vehicles that the fighters use on duty. Under difficult combat conditions, the heroic defenders managed to record a video thanking everyone who helps them stand up to the aggressor.

Our open fundraisers: 1. Special fundraiser ( for the equipment of the Siberian Battalion of the AFU. 2. Purchase of a drone ( DJI Mavic 3T with a thermal imager for aerial reconnaissance by the Special Operations Forces of the AFU in the Kherson direction. 3. Purchase of a vehicle ( for volunteers of the Nikolaev Charitable Association "Peace through spiritual revival" for delivering humanitarian aid in the Kherson region. 4. Purchase of a radio station, thermal imager, and satellite phone ( for the fighters of the International Legion of the AFU.

Your help saves lives!


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