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New fundraising campaigns for soldiers on the Kherson front

We are launching two fundraising campaigns simultaneously and ask for your help through donations or spreading the word.

One campaign is aimed at acquiring a drone with a thermal camera for a separate reconnaissance unit, Predators (pictured), and the second is to fund two DJI Mavic 3 drones for the aerial reconnaissance troops within General Marchenko's division.

Both campaigns are for the soldiers on the Kherson front. The Ukrainian Armed Forces' counteroffensive operation has entered a critical phase, so we sincerely urge you to assist Ukrainian heroes in preserving their lives and achieving victory.

Even the smallest contribution matters. Donations from U.S. taxpayers are deductible from taxable income. The entire amount collected will be directed towards equipment procurement, as Freedom Birds For Ukraine is a volunteer project with minimal administrative and operational expenses covered by the volunteers themselves.

Fundraiser for the Predators reconnaissance unit:

Fundraiser for aerial reconnaissance:

Your help saves lives!


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