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Mavic 3T drone for the 2nd International Legion in cooperation with Sunflower Society in Sacramento

In collaboration with our friends and colleagues from the Sunflower Society in Sacramento, USA, we organized the purchase and delivery of a Mavic 3T drone for the 2 Інтернаціональний Легіон / 2 International Legion. The Sunflower Society activists raised the majority of the funds, collecting $3,100, and we contributed the remaining $1,654.99 from our total drone fundraiser. The device has already been purchased and is on its way to our heroic defenders.

We are grateful to our colleagues from the Sunflower Society and to everyone who regularly donates to us—together, we can achieve more than we can alone!

We encourage you to support our ongoing general fundraiser for drones and contribute to the defense and support of Ukraine:

Your help saves lives!


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