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How to make rage effective

You've probably heard about today's sentencing for Sasha Skolichenko: for replacing price tags in a store with anti-war leaflets, Judge Oksana Demyasheva sentenced Sasha to 7 years of imprisonment.

All sentences for anti-war activities are illegal and unjust, and this one is especially so. Therefore, it's not surprising that a large number of anti-war Russians feel anger and rage. Aid to the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a clear, understandable, and simple action that can help justified anger turn into something useful and, most importantly, effective. Only the final and unconditional victory over dictatorship can stop such sentences, and support for the AFU undoubtedly brings this victory closer.

We would like to remind you about our ongoing fundraisers to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukrainian civilians.

1. Special fundraiser ( for the equipment of the Siberian Battalion of the AFU.

2. Purchase of a drone ( DJI Mavic 3T with a thermal imager for aerial reconnaissance by the Special Operations Forces of the AFU in the Kherson direction.

3. Purchase of a vehicle ( for volunteers of the Nikolaev Charitable Association "Peace through spiritual revival" for delivering humanitarian aid in the Kherson region.

4. Purchase of a radio station, thermal imager, and satellite phone ( for the fighters of the International Legion of the AFU.

Your help saves lives!

Photo: Alexandra Astakhova/Mediazona

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