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How drones can save lives.

In March, a Russian-speaking outlet Current Time published a story about how a drone saved a woman’s life under the Russian shelling near the city of Izyum.

In summer 2022, Valeria and her husband were caught in Russian shelling near the city of Izyum that was under Russian occupation at that time. The couple were driving in a car from Kyiv toward Bakhmut when Russian forces opened fire on their car. Valeria’s husband suffered severe head injuries. A drone operated by Ukrainian fighters was flying in the area and saw the woman who was trying to stop her husband’s heavy bleeding. Using the drone, Ukrainian fighters led Valeria out of the dangerous zone to get help for her husband. Thanks to the drone, the woman was able to avoid mines in the field and safely reach Ukrainian positions despite ongoing shelling.

Valeria’s story is a great example of how drones can save lives! Thank you for your donations! You can read more details about her story in Russian here:

Please share this information with friends and family! Your help saves lives!

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