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Good news from our colleagues in Los Angeles

More good news from our colleagues in Los Angeles. At an initiative marking the second anniversary of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, activists from the NavalnyLA community organized fundraisers for Freedom Birds For Ukraine.

The collections were coordinated by Tonya Zemlyanskaya and Yana Antonova. They managed to raise: $25 online and $431 in cash, for a total of $456.

Another activist, Anastasia K., sold handmade toy bears and thus raised $245.37. She used the proceeds to buy drones for SDF fighters in Kherson.

We warmly thank the activists and everyone who took part in these collections. Together we are doing an important work!

Actual gatherings that you can support:

 For drones for special operations forces in the Kherson region: 

 For two EcoFlow charging stations for the AFU soldiers in Zaporizhzhya direction:

 For three inverter generators for fighters in Verbove and Robotyne: 

 For a new car for volunteers in the Kherson region:

Your help saves lives!


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