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Gifts to children in Berislav delivered

We received a video with the words of gratitude from a representative in Berislav, Kherson region that we are sharing with you today. Our gifts for local children that were purchased with your donations for the Children's Day were delivered by our partners in Ukraine.

Thank you to everybody who was able to participate and help bring some joy to children! Your donations are especially important to children who have been impacted by this barbaric war. According to Ukrainian authorities, approximately 500 children have died since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, 1400 have been injured or disappeared, and almost 20.000 have been deported. This article illustrates what children are going through in this war:

Unfortunately, due to the recent dam collapse in Ukraine, the locals are now dealing with additional existential challenges. Therefore, we launched two special fundraising campaigns, including a campaign to help the people of Berislav. Althouogh we have already reached our goal, we will keep collecting donations to be able to reach more people in the region - our Ukrainian partners are closely working with the village Belozerka and the city of Kherson that have impacted by the dam collapse the most.

Please share information about our fundraisers. Your help saves lives!


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