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Freedom Birds for Ukraine was named as an example of grassroots anti-war initiative by Russians

The Kennan Institute fellow Yuri Terekhov has prepared a study on grassroots anti-war resistance among Russians. In addition to being interesting in itself, the study explicitly mentions the "Freedom Birds for Ukraine" project as an example of grassroots anti-war initiative by Russians.

Thanks to those who participate in our fundraising efforts and spread information about us, our initiative becomes more noticeable. We thank all those who care and urge you not to stop, as the war continues, and we have ongoing campaign:

1. Purchase of a DJI Mavic 3T drone with a thermal imager for aerial reconnaissance in support of the Special Operations Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Kherson region. The drone will be used to coordinate the evacuation of the wounded from the battlefield. Your support in this fundraiser will quite literally save lives!

2. Purchase of a vehicle for the volunteers of the Nikolaev Charitable Association "World through Spiritual Revival" to deliver humanitarian aid in the Kherson region (the previous vehicle was damaged in shelling and became unusable).

3. Purchase of a radio station, thermal imager, and satellite phone for the fighters of the International Legion of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

4. Special fundraiser for uniforms for the soldiers of the Siberian Battalion:

Your help saves lives!


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