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Drones for Stanislav Aseev

Ukrainian journalist and writer Stanislav Aseev has been the only correspondent of independent media since the beginning of the occupation of Donetsk. In 2017, he was kidnapped by pro-Russian security forces in the self-proclaimed DNR, where he was accused of espionage. Stanislav spent almost two and a half years in captivity, where he was subjected to torture and ill-treatment. In late 2019, as part of a prisoner exchange, he was released and was able to return to Ukraine.

After his release, Aseev continued his journalistic work and wrote a book about his experience titled “Bright Path: the story of one concentration camp”, and in March 2024, he joined the AFU and joined one of the infantry brigades in the first line of defense.

We agreed to support his unit and sent the guys two drones: Mavic 3 Classic and Mavic 3T. The amount of this purchase we covered from the general collection for the drones, a significant part of which was raised thanks to the informational support on Michael Naki's channel. Stanislav has already received the Mavic 3 Classic and shared it on his Facebook page. And the second drone, the Mavic 3T is on its way and will be delivered soon as well.

If you want to continue supporting initiatives like this, you can donate to our perpetual drone fundraiser. Every donation you make makes a difference:

Your help saves lives!


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