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Dmitry Petrov died.

Tragic news came: on April 19, 2023, near Bakhmut in Ukraine, Dmitry Petrov, one of the Russians fighting in the AFU, about whom we wrote just yesterday, died in the fight for freedom.

Dmitry was a member of the Combat Organization of the Anarcho-Communists and stood at the base of the anarchist partisan movement at the end of the 2000s. In response to Putin's invasion of Ukraine, he joined the Комiтет Спротиву to resist the aggressor with arms in hand.

We express our condolences and support to Dmitry's family, friends, and comrades. We would like to quote an important excerpt from the last word of the fighter:

"The best memory for me is if you continue to work actively, overcoming personal ambitions and unnecessary harmful feuds. If you continue actively fighting for a free society based on equality and solidarity. For yourself and me, and for all our comrades. Risk, deprivation, and sacrifice on this path are our constant companions. But rest assured; they are not in vain."

We do not plan to stop and will continue our work in memory of Dmitry and others who gave their lives for our freedom. In memory of Dmitry and others who gave their lives for our freedom. With the thought of the living, who need our help with you. Eternal glory to the fallen!

Your help saves lives!

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