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Destruction of the Kahovska Hydroelectric Power Plant dam

After the destruction of the Kahovska Hydroelectric Power Plant dam, our like-minded people around the world are experiencing a range of emotions, from a strong desire to help the affected to a sharp intensification of the desire to support the heroic resistance of Ukrainian defenders. Therefore, we have decided to launch two special campaign simultaneously.

One fundraising is humanitarian, aimed at the residents of Berislav in the Kherson region, which is located on the banks of the Kahovka reservoir. Through our partners at Help Ukraine Hub, we have received a request that the people of Berislav are in need of assistance with drinking water and pumps. The fundraiser to help the affected here:

The second campaign is to support the defenders of Ukraine in the anticipation of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' counteroffensive. We are launching the largest fundraiser in the history of Freedom Birds for Ukraine for the aerial reconnaissance unit operating in Nikolaev and Kherson. The soldiers require 10 Mavic 3 Classic drones; parts are left from the drones lost in battles, so we will only be purchasing the drone "bodies" without batteries, controllers, spare propellers, etc. Our goal is $17,000. The fundraiser to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces is here:

Any help is important! Your assistance saves lives!


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