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Bill on blocking websites that collect funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Recently, the State Duma of the Russian Federation announced that it is considering a bill on blocking websites that collect funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The adoption of such a repressive law indicates that Russians are donating to the Ukrainian Armed Forces in such quantities that it becomes a real threat to the Kremlin. The regime wants to suppress this activity using familiar methods - fear, threats, and harsh prison sentences, including life imprisonment.

What is the Kremlin so afraid of? It is afraid that supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces is one form of active resistance to the dictatorship in which an increasing number of Russians are participating. While not everyone in the opposition and anti-war circles can suggest ways to bring about the fall of the Putin dictatorship, active resistance and support for the resistance are truly bringing it closer. We can see the defensive reaction of the Putin regime to this activity.

Supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces and all those resisting Putin's aggression is not state treason, as the Kremlin calls it, but rather effective activity in the interests of a free and democratic Russia. Those who truly want to stop the war do not limit themselves to mere words and do not wait for the war to end on its own. Defeating putinism depends, in part, on all of us and our collective participation.

We also want to challenge the Chairman of the State Duma Commission on Investigating Foreign Interference in Russia's Internal Affairs, Vasily Piskarev, personally. He stated that "propaganda and promotion in the Russian segment of the Internet of resources that collect funds to support the enemy and provide other assistance to the armed formations of Ukraine, constitute direct interference in our internal affairs, not to mention the moral aspect of this activity." The authoritarian regime in Russia has deprived citizens of the country of the opportunity to influence the state through elections and public criticism, making actions to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces, including Russian volunteers fighting in the Ukrainian Armed Forces, a justified response to the dictatorship. Moreover, accusing Russian citizens of interfering in Russia's affairs is the height of cynicism from a "people's representative." And there is no need to talk about the moral aspect: fighting against the aggressor is not just a right but also a duty of Russian citizens.

Your support not only saves lives but actively contributes to the end of the Putin dictatorship. Resistance is us, together!


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