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Alexei Navalny was killed

Surely you have all heard the terrible news about the death of Alexei Navalny. The official statement from the Federal Penitentiary Service says "died", but we understand perfectly well that Alexei was murdered. And we all know the name of his killer as well. This is not the first death on Putin's conscience. And, unfortunately, not the last.

But it is in our power to stop him. To avoid crying for the dead, help the living. Support Ukraine in every possible way. For today, the loss of Putin's regime in this bloody war is the only thing that can lead to its collapse.

Remember that Putin did not kill Navalny because he is afraid of Alexei himself. Much more frightening for him is the great multitude of ordinary people, you and me, whom Alexei, by his example, encouraged to action. With every donation, with every message we spread, we are bringing the end of Putin's regime closer. Act and do not give up!

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