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A Drone that Saved a Man's Life

Last weekend, a video was published about how Ukrainian defenders helped a Russian mercenary from PMC Wagner Ruslan Anitin to surrender and saved his life using a drone.

With the help of a drone, Ukrainians communicated to Ruslan that they would save his life and help him to surrender. The evacuation took two hours during which Ruslan was attacked by the Wagner Group more than ten times. However, thanks to the guidance he was receiving from the Ukrainian drone, he was saved.

We recommend watching this video that captures the rescue operation. The contrast between how Ruslan was treated by Russians and Ukrainian soldiers illustrates where there is still humanity even toward an enemy that came to foreign land with weapons and where there is brutality and war crimes:

This story is also a powerful reminder about the importance of drones on the frontlines. Please continue sending us your donations. Your help saves lives!


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